Historic running race

Due to the prohibition of events in a natura area the routes of the Lafonis road will be modified.

Route 10 km Livadia- Stomio-Livadia
Route 5 km Stomio-Livadia
The transfer of the athletes for the 5 km will take place with the organization's bus at 18,00.

The Secretariat will be open in the fields from 16,00 for delivery of equipment to those athletes who do not receive them from Chania Friday 6-8-2021 20,00-21,30

The start of the race will take place at 18,30 .

The transfer athletes- volunteers (for those who have registered) from Chania will depart 14.30 from Synka A.Gogoni and 15.30 castelli , return 21.00 from meadows to Chania.
Thank you to have a beautiful race double at sea!!!!
1821-2021 200 years.