Historic running race


On Saturday 10 September 2022, the Lafonisi Road with the classic 2 routes of 5.1 km and 12.5 km took place with the participation of more than 160 people, young and old from all over Crete, Greece and international participants who ran and finished at Lafonisi, one of the top beaches in Europe. This historic race, held in honour of the victims of the massacre of Lafonissi in 1824, this year it was also dedicated to our fellow countryman Grigoris Vaidomarkakis, president of the Association of Attica & Piraeus Enniachorians who passed away unexpectedly in May 2022. Also the Lafonisios Road is also an occasion for the local community to express its opposition to the creation of a quarry zone for gypsum mining at Stomio, where the long 12.5km route passes.

The race was the result of intensive work of the organizing team for the previous 2 months where we tried to organize and anticipate everything concerning the event as a whole. We will not say big things to "bless our generations" that everything was perfect because we know it wasn't, but we are trying in this direction by every means possible. We know that in such events there are many extraordinary issues that we face so we owe an apology for the slight delay in the simultaneous start by about 15 minutes and we apologize to the 3-4 people who arrived and started the 12.5k about three minutes late. We take full responsibility as an organizational team and are already working on improving for the better at all levels.

In the racing part of the 2022 Lafonisi Road the big winners in the general categories in the two routes were the following:


1. Antonios Kostakis - 17':30':577

2. Takis Menegis - 18':17':17'':710

3. Clyde Bekiri - 19':23'':857


1. Tracy Harrington - 24':05'':560

2. Dimitra Maraka - 26':32':32'':403

3. Nefeli Martsaki - 28':42''':770


1. Stavros Zaganas - 43':39':39'':000

2. Vassilis Dimitrelos - 48':54''':927

3. Georgios Alifierakis - 49':36''':270


1. Nadia Syntzanaki - 53':06'''':967

2. Adamantia Lemontzoglou - 55':54''':530

3. Anna Konkina - 1:01':01':01':163

There were also a number of individual age categories.


The race was organized by the organizing team of the Inachorion routes, by the Cultural Cultural Sports Association of Plokamianos Kissamos and the Group of Health Runners of Kissamos, under the auspices of the Regional Unit of Chania, the Municipality of Kissamos and the Association of Health Runners of Chania.


We must thank all those who helped to make the Lafonisios Road take place this year, the EFA THESEA Perivolia, the EPOFEK, the Association of Enniachorians of Attica & Piraeus, the local Cultural Associations, the department of Kissamos of the Greek Red Cross for the health coverage, the Anousakio Foundation for the availability of an ambulance with crew and Fiotaki Maria, Doctor. We also thank the A.T. Kissamos and its 2 policemen for the traffic regulation and the KTEL Chania - Rethymnon for the availability of the bus for the necessary transportation. We thank for their presence at the awards the members of the local government, a representative of the Region, the Municipal Authority as well as members of local councils and representatives of local associations. Special thanks to each and every one of the volunteers of the organization in all posts (secretariat, water supply, photo shoots, drone, catering, treats, broom) where literally without them Lafonisio Road can not take place. And minimal help played a crucial role.

In order to make such an event possible, the help of the sponsors was essential, where either financial or material contributions, large or small, were important. We thank them:

Kastrinakis SA - Construction, Glykeria - Restaurant & Hotel, Athitaki - Home & Business Equipment, SYNKA - Supermarket Chain, DigitalPro - Web & Marketing, Elafonisi RESORT - Hotel, Galanakis - Beverage & Soft Drinks Distribution, Creta Strom - Cretan Mattress Factory, ETANAP, Nikoloudakis Kiyiadakis - Hotel Equipment, Ice Dynamics of Crete - Ice Trade & Distribution, Anousakis - Supermarket, Halkiadakis - Supermarket Chain, Kochilas - Taverna, Kosmos - Taverna, Filoxenia - Taverna, Cafe-Mini Market Schinoplakakis, Mini Market Moudakis, Mournia - Grocery Store, Pneumatakis A.E - Winery, Simandiraki - Cretan Delicacies, Calypso - Tavern Ovelistirio, IRIS - Cafe Mini Market, Nireides Villas - Hotel, Popodakis Market - Supermarket, Nerantzoula - Tavern.

The Lafonis Road 2022 became known to everyone with the help of the communication sponsors. We thank them: NEA Television, Dromos FM 105.4, Gavdos FM, biskotto.gr, Neo Horizonte, Chaniotika Nea, Zarpa, Flashnews, athlitiko.gr, sportofrunning.eu , runntrail.gr, runningnews.gr, irunmag.gr.

Special thanks to the duo of announcers - presenters of our event Iliakis Dimitris and Eleni Polychronakis who kept the interest undiminished during the race while special mention must be made to athletic progress and Vangelis Karagiannakis personally for the excellent cooperation and the smooth running of the race from a technical point of view (timing, medals, medals, t-shirts, VIB). Special thanks to the Deputy Mayor of Sports of the Municipality of Kissamos, Yannis Kelaidi and the tireless employee of the Municipality of Kissamos, Vicky Marakaki, whose contribution was crucial.

Finally, we must thank all those who participated, runners and walkers, fast and slow, big and small who honored us with their presence and gave value to our organization, renewing our appointment for September 2023, when we will invite you again to run and finish in Lafonisi.

The preparation for the Lafonisius Road 2023 has already started ... and we are waiting for you!

Yours sincerely

The organizing team of the Road Festival - Inachorian Routes

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