Historic running race

Participants are obliged to fully respect the rules described below. They are also obliged to obey the instructions of the organisers. Failure to comply with the regulations or instructions will always incur the penalty of disqualification. The race judges, when they become aware of infringements of the rules, will record them and inform the offenders. Any other person authorised by the organisation may also record any infringement that comes to their attention and submit it to the organising team for consideration.

The first cross-country race "Rezzakas Trail Run & Hike" will be held on Sunday, February 6, 2022 in the hilly area of Plokamiana, Vathis & Tzitzifia.

Those who want to take part in the race can do the route with running, dynamic walking or even a more relaxed hike as there will be two different starts.

- At 10:30 a.m. the start of the Retzakas Trail Run 8Km: Timed race (only

for Adults)

- At 10:35 am the start of the Retzakas Trail Hike 8Km: Hiking without timing


- For the TRAIL RUN (race with electronic timing) the following are eligible to participate

adult men and women aged 18 and over

- for the TRAIL HIKE (walk without electronic timing) adults and children can participate (Children 15-17 with a parent's declaration and children under 15 with a declaration AND accompanied by a parent or guardian).

Participants are advised to be in good health, Each athlete assumes personal responsibility for the necessary medical check before the race and is obliged to complete the relevant declaration during the online registration.

HOUSING is allowed but must be under the constant supervision and responsibility of its master. They must be tethered or on a leash because there are spots on the trail where sheep and goats graze.

Also for participation in the event, the health protocols for Covid-19 that will be in effect at that time will apply.


The cost of participation for the Retzakas Trail Run is set at 12€ and for the Retzakas Trail Hike is set at 10€ and the payment of the participation fee can be made either electronically or upon receipt of the packages. Refunds from electronic payment and on the spot payment will not be made for any reason. Receipt of the participation packages will be possible on the day of the race on SUNDAY 6 FEBRUARY 2022 - 08:30 to 10:00 at the Secretariat where there will be at the Start- Finish point.


The organization of the race will provide the athletes with:

- Envelope with the participation number with 4 safety pins, (+ timing chip for the Trail Run)

- Commemorative T-shirt (Technical T-shirt for the Trail Run)

- Participation Medal (to be given at the Finish)

- Water supply at a specific point of the route

- Health cover

- Feeding, Hydration, Post-race treatment

- Photographic material


There will be 1 double water supply point where runners and walkers will find it at the 2.8th km and 6th km of the route. You will be given water bottles where you can consume them on the spot and dispose of them in a bin or bags within the boundaries of the water feeding station. You will also be able to keep the bottle with you for the remainder of the route until the finish or another point with a bin so that it can be disposed of as appropriate. It is strictly FORBIDDEN to throw bottles at any point outside of the buckets or in nature. Please respect the natural environment. There will be a natural watering point which is the Retzakas waterfall itself at the 4.45th km of the route which is the highest point. Also at the finish of the route there will be water, bananas as well as various products for energy replenishment.


The categories will be:

- Men's General Category (top 3 places)

- Women's General Category (top 3 places)

The winners of the above categories will be awarded with unique souvenirs & gifts of great



The organization will have ensured that the route will be adequately marked with darts, project tapes and ropes that will indicate the correct course of each runner and walker. At several points of the race there will also be volunteers to guide the runners to the correct course. There will also be mileage markers as well as warning signs (danger, ascent, descent, slopes, mud).


There is no compulsory equipment for athletes. The use of trail running shoes is recommended due to the rough terrain. The use of batons is also permitted for the participating walkers of the event. The use of gloves, windproof, isothermal is at the discretion of each participant and will depend on the weather conditions on the day of the event.


Shortening (cutting) the route is prohibited and will be punished by exclusion. Each competitor is responsible and obliged to carefully follow the route markings.


For the Retzakas Trail Run (with electronic timing) there is a time limit of 2 hours (valid timings until 12:30). For the Retzakas Trail Hike (without timing) the time limit is 3.5 hours (completion of the hike until 14:05 p.m.). There will be a "sweep" of event staff where they will escort the last runners and walkers so that no one is left alone on the trail.


The checkpoint and mandatory crossing point (for the TRAIL RUN only) will be the highest point of the route (at 4.45o km) with the passage of the Retzaka waterfall. There will be a person from the organization who will note the individual participation number of each athlete (bib) as confirmation that the athlete had crossed the point. Any runner who finishes but does not have a pass through the checkpoint, the finish is considered a CLEAR. Participating walkers (for the TRAIL HIKE) are not required to climb to the checkpoint at the waterfall

  1. WASTE

It is strictly forbidden to discard any kind of objects along the course, such as plastic bottles or any other solid or liquid food packaging material consumed by the athletes during the race. There is a special plastic waste bag at each feeding station. All athletes are obliged to throw waste into the bag. Discarding packaging materials or other non-organic waste at any point on the course other than the designated areas will result in a disqualification penalty.


Our purpose is to promote and spread the spirit of sportsmanship, so any unsportsmanlike behavior (pushing, violence, racism, etc.) is prohibited.


If necessary (extremely dangerous weather conditions), the Organizers reserve the right to modify the route or postpone the start for a short period of time, in order not to endanger the physical integrity of the athletes.


The Organization does not insure the participating athletes. Insurance companies do not take out group insurance for outdoor activities with a high degree of risk for obvious reasons. It is at the discretion of each athlete to take out an individual life insurance policy at another time, covering - if feasible - the case of an accident under the conditions of an endurance race in a mountainous area. Anything not provided for in the regulations will be decided by the organisers on the spot. Entry to the race implies full acceptance of the above regulations. Athletes competing should understand that they will be running on mountainous, dirt and sometimes rough, sometimes rugged terrain and will be exposed to the weather conditions prevailing on the day of the race. The organisation is not responsible for the death, injury or any damage to the health of competitors who, by submitting the application form, declare that they are aware of the dangers of the mountain environment and confirm that their state of health is good and allows them to compete and that they have recently been examined by a doctor in this respect. However, no athlete will be asked to provide a medical certificate. The athletes themselves are obliged to undergo regular medical check-ups to monitor their state of health. The Commission declines all responsibility for the physical integrity of the athletes, who must behave responsibly at points on the course where there is an increased risk of falling with unpleasant or fatal results.