Historic running race

The Lafonisios Road 2023 went down in history

The Lafonisio Road 2023 is now history. This historic race held in honor of the victims of the 1824 Lafonisius massacre was successfully completed. On Saturday 9 September 2023, 133 participants in total started simultaneously at 17:30 from Stomio and Livadia to run 5 and 10 km respectively on the renewed routes of the [...]

Rezzakas Trail Run & Hike Sunday 6 February 2022 RACE RULES

Participants are obliged to fully respect the rules described below. They are also obliged to obey the instructions of the organisers. Failure to comply with the regulations or instructions will always incur the penalty of disqualification. The race judges, when they become aware of infringements of the rules, will record them and inform the offenders. Any other authorised [...]

Lafonisios Dromos 2021

Due to the prohibition of events in a natura area the routes of the Lafonis road will be modified. Route 10 km Livadia- Stomio-LivadiaRoute 5 km Stomio-LivadiaThe transfer of athletes for the 5 km will be carried out by the organization's bus at 18,00. The Secretariat will be open in Livadia from 16,00 for the delivery of equipment to those athletes who do not [...]